Friday, December 26, 2014

Why Little Haiti is Bryan Caplan's Favorite Place in the World

Excellent article by the brave advocate of open borders, Bryan Caplan, on why he loves, loves, loves Florida and specifically the Gold (southeast) Coast. Having lived in the Gold Coast myself, I highly recommend the professor try Little Haiti in NE Miami to hit the sweet spot within the sweet spot amid his sweet spot of expressed preferences. Little Haiti boasts excellent weather and insanely good real estate prices, is blocks from the beach...
...and full of tens of thousands of cheerful happy-go-lucky immigrants from the Caribbean.

Why is the real estate so cheap? Mostly because of nationalistic xenophobes who don't share Caplan's view that demographics don't matter and that all immigrants are uniformly beneficial to their American-born neighbors (or at least uniformly non-harmful).

So while I've yet to meet even one person among the most fastidiously PC NYC leftists who would even think of moving to Little Haiti, Caplan doesn't share these widespread irrational biases. He knows that Little Haiti, located within the minimally intrusive State of Florida has NOTHING in common with Haiti where excessive government is the sole cause of that nation's problems. Caplan knows that importing hundreds of thousands of Haitian immigrants, legal or illegal, brings nothing but cheerful music, colorful festivals and exotic cuisine while leaving the wretched dysfunction of Haiti safely back in Haiti.

What an excellent choice for a vacation home! Caplan could demonstrate in a single stroke:

1) That it doesn't matter how we choose immigrants -- in fact we should let THEM chose based on a) how screwed up their home country is and b) their willingness to break U.S. immigration law.

2) How much he appreciates legal and illegal immigrants regardless of how they would rank on the immigration selection criteria used by nativist countries like Australia, Canada and most of the rest of the world.

3) That he isn't a phony hypocrite who thinks that poor illegal immigrants from 3rd world hellholes are great neighbors for lower income Americans but not good enough for himself and his family.

Little Haiti would also be an EXCELLENT place for Caplan's children to avoid the corrosive nativist assumptions both implicitly and explicitly made by his fellow Virginians. "I spend the holidays in Little Haiti" would be an AWESOME rejoinder to nativists who falsely assume that Caplan is either one of them or a hypocrite who secretly shares their views.

Using Zillow, I quickly found a 7 bedroom house for only $25,000! Wow! Gold coast real estate for less than $100/month. If that's too much too ask, how about asking Caplan to spend ONE weekend with his family in Little Haiti? In my book that would be worth 10,000 words of feckless drivel about the benefit of open borders.

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