Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two Versions of Trayvon vs.Zimmerman

As reported by the media...
Trayvon, the sweet, bright child seen on the left was walking around near his daddy's house with some Skittles when he was hunted down, shot and killed by white supremacist, Zimmerman who was screaming "die you fucking coon" while the unarmed boy, who was an unarmed minor child, screamed for help. The police didn't arrest Zimmerman and didn't even take his gun because Zimmerman said "Hey man, self defense.  Stand your ground, bitch."

Trayvon Martin
George Zimmerman

Key facts:
  • Trayvon was an unarmed child
  • Trayvon was unarmed
  • Trayvon was getting Skittles, unarmed
  • Trayvon was a model student, unarmed
  • Trayvon weighs 140 lbs, unarmed
  • Trayvon was an unarmed black child, a minor
  • Zimmerman is white
  • Zimmerman has an arrest record
  • Zimmerman chased Trayvon
  • Zimmerman wasn't arrested
  • Zimmerman shot Trayvon, who by the way, was unarmed
  • Zimmerman weights 240 lbs
  • Zimmerman walked because Florida has a "stand your ground law"
  • The incident took place in a lily-white gated community
  • Zimmerman says "fucking coons" on the 911 call
  • Zimmerman:  “This guy looks like he’s up to no good.  He looks black.”

What we later learned...
There had been a number of burglaries in the neighborhood.  Zimmerman's states that he saw a person acting suspiciously, walking around in the rain and looking at the houses so he called 911. When the operator told him that he didn't need to follow the suspicious character, Z turned around and walked back to his car. As he was walking back to his car Trayvon approached and said "do you have a problem?" Zimmerman answered "no". T said "well you do now" and punched him in the face knocking him down. Then T proceed to pound Z's head into the ground saying "you're going to die". Z screamed for help and these screams were captured on the 911 calls and heard by several witnesses including one who said that he saw T on top of Z while Z was screaming for help.

All of the physical evidence (bloody nose, wet back, laceration on back of head) was consistent with Zimmerman's version of events as was the testimony of at least one eye witness. The photos shown by the media were, combined, over a decade old.  More recent photos of T and Z look like this:
Trayvon, more recently
Zimmerman, more recently
Key facts:
  • Trayvon was a 17 old juvenile delinquent on his THIRD suspension from school
  • Trayvon was 6' tall and a lean muscular football player
  • Trayvon had been caught with a drug baggie
  • Trayvon had been caught doing graffiti, possessing stolen property and carrying a burglary tool
  • Trayvon's Twitter handle is NO_LIMIT_NIGGA
  • Trayvon tweated online about killing a man
  • Trayvon is seen in a video facilitating a playground fight
  • All of the evidence released to date was consistent Zimmerman's description of events
  • Zimmerman tutored black children in the neighborhood
  • Zimmerman passed out fliers protesting police treatment of a black man
  • Zimmerman stands about 5'9" and out of shape (heard huffing and puffing in the 911 call)
  • Zimmerman is a Hispanic mestizo and a Democrat (which actually makes it more likely he's racist)
  • Zimmerman has a black friend willing to undergo blistering questioning from the media to defend Zimmerman publicly
  • Zimmerman had a broken nose, lacerations on the back of his head and his back was wet.
  • Zimmerman was seen by a witness laying on the ground and being attacked by Trayvon while screaming for help
  • Zimmerman lives in mixed race community where whites are 50% or less of the population
  • Zimmerman said "fucking PUNKS" on the 911 call
  • The "stand your ground law" was not relevant in any version of the events suggested to date
  • Zimmerman: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about."
  • Dispatcher: "OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?"
  • Zimmerman: "He looks black."
  • Zimmerman was arrested, handcuffed, detained and interviewed until investigators determined that the evidence did not warrant charges
So what we have here is a situation where the media, Obama and some racist politicians have maliciously and dishonestly INVENTED a narrative to inflame racial tensions to point where people have been brutally beaten and even murdered.

In a just world, the media, the race-baiting politicians and activists who fanned these flames would be held  for responsible for the lies that they told and any assaults and murders that their false narrative incited.

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