Sunday, April 8, 2012

Red State's Leon H. Wolf claims he's not a Racist

So Leon H. Wolf at Red State has treated his readers to an especially insidious form of racism. I suppose that's what I'd expect from Mr. Wolf, but I thought his response to charges of racism was interesting:
up until 2 years ago I attended a black church
Sorry, Leon, but that doesn't cut it. Indeed, you seem to have internalized Derbyshire's advice (make black friends) for dispelling charges of racism with an interesting enhancement (black church), but the bottom line is that if you hold racist views then a black friend or attending a black church doesn't absolve you.

Personally, I'm surprised that Derbyshire didn't go with the "my own children are mixed race" approach. It's hard to think of a bigger investment in racial harmony than mixing your genetic destiny with a person of another race."  That definitely beats "I go to jazz clubs" or "I once attended a black church".

Leon H. Wolf seems make a big distinction between himself and Derbyshire on the questions of applying group means to individuals, but if he had included the followup published in the "I am a racist" interview, we would see that Derbyshire does the same:
I don’t believe in any discrimination by publicauthorities, and of course I am familiar with the awful historical record ofthe United States in the matter of race slavery. I take individual peopleas they come, as I believe every sane person does.
So I'm still missing the part where he explains how his opinion and actions are any different than those of Derbyshire. The biggest difference that I can see is that Derbyshire is a bit more open about his views.

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