Friday, April 27, 2012

Heartiste infects HBO

The blogger Heartiste posts mostly about male "game" -- how men can improve their success with women -- but with a philosophical sophistication that also ties in culture, society, morality and economics. His writing is crisp, incisive and vivid, ranking him with other acid-tipped truth-tellers like Christopher Hitchens or even Tom Paine but with his own particular brand of hedonism bordering on nihilism.
Overall, I find it entertaining even if I don't see the point in dedicating one's life to chasing skirts even as it become more and more clear that our Western civilization is crumbling around us. Most of his insights are well rooted in the craft of practice and experimentation in the field and calibrated against the science of human nature and interaction.

His societal conclusions are of course absolutely unacceptable to articulate in the suffocating pseudo-intellectual climate found in elite educational and media circles and therefore seldom discussed in polite company. And yet his readership seems to be huge.  For some time his ideas have been boiling away furiously in a massive cauldron hidden from view by a thin metal lid that occasionally rattles up and releases a blast of steam full of the pungent fragrance of the stew cooking below while the hapless folks standing around the pot look away knowing that it's contents are verboten, even taboo and must pretend to not have sampled even the slightest whiff.

So now we have another example of the contents of the stew spilling out. I could go through all of the way the ways that the writers of the new HBO series "Girls" have the unmistakable scent of Heartiste stew on their breathe, but suffice it to say that his writing is clearly having an effect on the brittle PC ideologues churned out by the crusty Soviet gender police at our elite universities.

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