Monday, October 3, 2011

The Autistian Economist Strikes Again

So Tyler Cowen is once again providing tactical advice from the pages of the New York Times to Republicans on how to lower taxes. For someone who's supposed to be such a brilliant, original thinker, forgive me for noticing that it sounds exactly like the same tired buzz we've been hearing from the beltway punditocracy for months.

I'll sum it up in the shrill, wavering voice of a frustrated Elmer Fudd: "Those wascally wadical Wepublicans wefuse to waise wevenue!!!!"

And to think that this drivel comes from a "libertarian" economist. I am curious to know if one has to agree in advance to write fawning, obsequious wormtongue fare for leftists to become one of the innocuous "vaccine columnists" that the NYT employs to inoculate their readers from the deadly strains of libertarian thought that exist in the wild. Perhaps the editors are just skilled at finding columnists who are already producing nothing but dead or weakened versions of these dangerous viruses and who can to be safely published without threatening the cozy little left fascist ecology that exists in the mind of your average NYT reader.

Raising taxes doesn't solve fiscal problems caused by runaway spending and it doesn't reduce future taxes. It may be a bit of a game of chicken (more charitably poker), but an autistic who doesn't grasp the political and historical aspect of the issue is clearly NOT the person that libertarian-leaning Republicans should listen to for tactical advice.

Consider the G7 countries like Germany, France and Italy where they have much higher taxes and considerably worse levels of public debt/GDP. Of course thanks to the candidate that the other wormtongue Republicans writing for the NYT fell in love with, we're gaining ground on our G7 budget busting peers at the rate of over 10% GDP per year.

Just do a quick global (or state by state) comparison of debt/GDP with government revenue/GDP and one can easily see that fiscal responsibility and high taxes do not go hand and hand. Canada -- the only G-7 country to achieve fiscal improvement in the last decade did it by supreme SPENDING discipline, not taxes.


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