Friday, April 22, 2011

Naked Pictures of Snopes

So according to, the self-anointed arbiter of internet truth, two of these photos show the same woman. See if you can tell which two:

If you said the two photos on the right are the same woman, then you are....
...wrong! At least according to Snopes. The photo on the right is the high school yearbook photo of Stanley Ann Durham, Barack Obama's mother and according to Snopes, both the photo on the left and the photo in the center show the same woman:
They're real photographs, but not of Barack Obama's mother — they're pictures of late 1950's pin-up model Marcy Moore (also seen here), who just happened to bear a superficial facial resemblance to a young Ann Dunham.

Now I do agree that two of the photos appear to show the same woman, but it sure isn't the two photos on the left. Now maybe there is another woman with a large distinctive chin and Christmas-in-Hawaii tan lines appearing nude in those 1960's style amateur photos, but there is no way in hell that woman is Marcy Moore.

Moore's face doesn't look anything like that of the amateur naked lady and if you look at the full photos her, um, body has very different, um, proportions as well. They didn't have boob jobs and major facial reconstructive plastic surgery in the 60's, did they?

Here's a photo collage -- judge for yourself:

Now I don't really care whether this woman is Obama's mom but I do care that Snopes is lying. It really makes me wonder what they found. Presumably they are the professionals at tracking down the facts relevant to these claims, so why would they make such an obviously false claim?

The anonymous author of the Snopes post claims that the photos are genuine and not photoshops, but we aren't told why. We also aren't told why Snopes_anon can so confidently state that the photos are of Marcy Moore.

By the way, why is it that Barbara "not always BS" Mikkelson signs some posts while others appear unsigned? How ironic that a site dedicated to fact-checking wants us to accept anonymous articles.

I've noticed that in the past when Mikkelson has posted politically-slanted BS that they've disappeared into the ether and that Snopes leaves no memory trail by opting out of the internet archive.

In short, Snopes should be given about the same amount of credit as any other unsourced, anonymous piece appearing on the web.

Aighhh, whom can we trust?


Clark said...

Why would Snopes lie about Obama's Mamma?

Sure they are flaming liberals that hated Bush, but they would never let their passion color their judgement.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please.You MUST be blind.That woman has the same shaped boobs.Her face may look different but that could be for many different reasons.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous-go to, I know), and find Marcy Moore, her breasts are easily twice the size of the woman's in this picture. Plus, that chin, is enormous and pointed, like Obama's.

Anonymous said...

But what's the source for these photos? Were they first published after 1961?

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